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Perfect for Low Carb, Keto, and Paleo Less than 1 gram of sugar

Could One Tablespoon of This Powder
Really Help You Do ALL This?

  • Help you drop over a pound a week by reducing fructose and unnecessary calories?
  • Reduce visible signs of premature aging*
  • Protect your skin from free radicals and oxidative stress, from the inside out*
  • Promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, leading to overall digestive and immune health*
  • Reduce joint pain and improve your range of motion*
  • Lower your perception of pain and catabolic stress*
  • Protect your body against excess exposure to pollution, intense exercise and even smoking*
  • Reduce your inflammatory response and protect your cells against oxidative damage*
  • Support your brain and nervous system*
  • Help maintain your vitality and energy levels*
  • Perfect for low carb, Paleo, and even Ketogenic Diets


Of course you are, but read on and it will make perfect sense.

How fruit keeps you fat

For years, we’ve heard mainstream and alternative doctors alike praise the health benefits of fruits (especially the red, blue and purple ones).

The main reason is because these fruits contain polyphenols. And a growing body of evidence suggests their benefits may be far greater than we ever thought...

In fact, the benefits listed above all are derived from the polyphenols that are contained in specific extracts of purple, blue and red fruits...

Including the anti-inflammatory elements that help people lose fat...

But here’s the problem...

People who eat too much fruit tend to gain weight!

While the polyphenols in fruit can help you lose weight, the fructose in fruit makes people gain weight.

You see, fruit is also full of sugars (fructose) that override the weight loss benefits of their polyphenol content... and then some.

To get the polyphenols to get the real benefits of purple, red and blue fruits you need to consume:

This is over 21 teaspoons of this fattening and health threatening substance.

Making matters worse, new research1 demonstrates that the type of sugar in fruits (fructose), gets turned into fat more quickly than even simple “table” sugar. Also, unlike table sugar, fructose does not provide a signal to your brain that you are full.

So not only are you more likely to turn fructose into fat, you are also more likely to overeat.

So we have a no-win situation

Red, purple, and blue fruits contain polyphenols essential for your health and your waistline.
But the fructose content makes getting these polyphenols almost impossible if you have any weight issues (and don’t we all?).

What if you could get all the benefits of the polyphenols contained in purple,

blue and red fruits, without the fructose and excess sugar?

After over two years in development, now you can.

The product is called RealReds®

And it contains the polyphenol content of six servings of purple, blue and red fruits (and some)

With less than 1 gram of sugar

No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or sugar alcohols

Less than 1 gram of, “net carbs” (less than 4 calories from sugar)

Has only 30 calories – 24 of those calories in the form of 6 grams of dietary fiber, which slows down sugar absorption and keeps you from being hungry.

Is created with specific fruit extracts
in the exact dose used in human studies

proven to:

  • Reduce visible signs of premature aging*
  • Protect your skin from free radicals and oxidative stress*
  • Promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, leading to overall digestive and immune health*
  • Reduce joint pain and improve your range of motion*
  • Lower your perception of pain and catabolic stress*
  • Protect your body against excess exposure to pollution, intense exercise and even smoking*
  • Reduce your inflammatory response and protect your cells against oxidative damage*
  • Support your brain and nervous system*
  • Help maintain your vitality and energy levels*

As you can see, the fruit extracts in RealReds® go far beyond any fruit you can find in the super-market or even farmer’s market.

And it tastes delicious by itself or in smoothies

How RealReds® can help you lose one pound every 10 days- THE MATH

Being conservative, you would have to consume at least 350 calories per day of fructose/sugar to get even close to the benefits of RealReds®.

We aren’t including the calories from fiber in fruits, just the sugar.

There are 3,500 calories in a pound

3,500/350 = 10

This is 1 pound every 10 days

And we aren’t even considering what this excess sugar does to your insulin and blood sugar levels.

The Story Behind RealReds®

We had the idea for this formula over two years ago, and it was a lot harder than we thought. In order to end up with this formula we had to:

  • Travel the world to find CLINICALLY PROVEN extracts with real health benefits
  • Source extracts with the highest and most diverse polyphenol content
  • Find a way to actually make it taste good (fruit without sugar is unpleasant) without artificial sweeteners, additives, or sugar alcohols.

After multiple, time consuming iterations.... We finally got it right.

And Here’s The RealReds® Formula

Red Orange Complex® Orange Fruit and Peel Extract, from Sicily.

Red Orange Complex® (ROC) is a standardized powder from three varieties of blood oranges grown in the extreme climate fluctuations near the Mt. Etna volcano of Sicily. To survive and flourish, they produce a specific beneficial profile of polyphenols.

Red Orange Complex is shown in human clinical studies at the dose used in RealReds to:1234

  • Reduce visible signs of premature aging*
  • Protect your body and skin from free radicals and oxidative stress, from the inside out*
  • Protect your body against excess exposure to pollution, intense exercise and even smoking*

CherryPure® (Cherry Skin Powder) – From Michigan’s Famous Cherry Country.

Fruit grown in the shadows of Lake Michigan offers plenty of proanthocyanidins and other polyphenols.

CherryPure® is proven in human clinical studies at the dose used in RealReds to:56

  • Reduce joint pain, and improve range of motion*
  • Lower your perception of pain and catabolic stress*
  • Reduce muscle damage during and after workouts linked to over-exertion.
  • Lets you recover faster so you can get back in your game again without pain.*

Activin® Grape Seed Extract

Activin is a concentrated source of fragile grape polyphenols from fresh, non-fermented grape seeds. The origin of the grape seeds is an important distinguisher from other brands, as the seeds in Activin are always removed prior to fermentation.

Activin is shown in a human clinical study at the dose used in RealReds to:7

  • Promote a healthy inflammatory response, which may help combat inflammation linked to weight gain.*
  • Hunt down free radicals and reduce oxidative stress and inflammatory response.*

Cellberry® Black chokeberries (Aronia)

This extract from Poland boasts a deep purple, almost black pigment with a tart tangy flavor.

Cellberry® is proven in human clinical studies.

One Cellberry® study involved rowers at a 1-month training camp, who were randomly assigned to get either 150 ml Aronia juice three times daily or a placebo daily for four weeks.

Compared to the control group, the supplemented group enjoyed significant improvements in blood markers of oxidative stress. This suggests that increasing anthocyanins may limit exercise-induced damage to red blood cells, probably by beefing up the internal antioxidant defense system.8

What's more, emerging lab research shows that it boosts adiponectin – the hormone that makes your fat cells literally burn fat for energy. The research is now clear that increasing adiponectin leads to lower body fat.9

AuroraBlue® Wild Blueberries from the Alaskan Rainforests and Canadian Yukon.

Gently hand picked and carefully dried to preserve their naturally occurring flavonoids, anthocyanins, and other phytonutrients. Offers intense wild blueberry flavor and a tantalizing aroma.

  • Chock full of polyphenols that have adapted to extreme growing conditions, creating a biochemical profile distinct from cultivated blueberries. Their “distressed” growing conditions promote remarkable levels of anthocyanins and other polyphenols.
  • Supports your brain and nervous system.

Pomegranate Fruit Extract Grown in California.

Contains the same highly concentrated antioxidants as found in 100% Pomegranate Juice.

  • Natural antioxidant polyphenols standardized to 85% total pomegranate polyphenols, water-extracted from fresh pressed whole pomegranate fruit solids.
  • Contains highly concentrated antioxidants, the same as found in POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice.

AppleActivDAPP™ Organic Dried Apple Peel Powder From Canada.

These Apple peels are certified organic and gently milled within 24 hours of harvesting by low-temperature drying to protect their fragile phytonutrients and polyphenols.

  • Carefully standardized to 3% apple polyphenols
  • Preliminary lab research shows that AppleActive is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, rich in quercetin and other bioactive polyphenols.10 11 12

Vibrant Harvest™ Strawberry Powder From the U.S.

Gently harvested using a patented low temperature drying process that retains all its precious nutrients and amazing flavor. This process evaporates strawberry’s water molecules without disturbing its active enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, or other phytonutrients.

  • You’ll love its flavor, aroma, color, and nutritional quality.
  • What would a fruit powder be without beloved strawberries, with their wonderful flavor, aroma, color, and nutrition?

"Good flavor, tastes like strawberry. No after taste."
- Marva Osborn, Lompoc, CA

All natural inulin from organic blue agave grown in Mexico.

Inulin is a type of naturally occurring fructooligosaccharide (FOS) found in fruits, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Its chemical structure lets it pass undigested through the small intestine to reach the colon... where it acts as a prebiotic to promote gut bacteria of the Bifidobacteria species.13

  • Contributes to an optimal daily intake of prebiotics, stimulating the growth and activity of healthy gut flora.
  • Contributes to your daily recommended intake of dietary fiber.
  • Helps maintain your vitality and energy levels* -- Inulin promotes the synthesis of B vitamins, which in turn aid energy production.

Equals 592 MG of Polyphenols Per Serving, which is the polyphenol amount of over 6 Servings of Purple, Red and Blue Fruits

Two Important Questions You May Have

Why do we count polyphenols and not the Orac?

For the past several years, ORAC values have been all the rage. Every food and dietary supplement raced to prove their product was highest in ORAC.

But the problem is… using ORAC is an outdated and inaccurate way to measure the value of Superfoods. There’s no evidence that the beneficial effects of polyphenol-rich foods can be attributed specifically to ORAC.

The USDA’s Nutrient Data Laboratory (NDL) removed the ORAC Database from their website, due to mounting evidence that the values showing antioxidant capacity have no bearing on the effects of specific bioactive compounds — including polyphenols. And that’s why we removed the ORAC measure as well.

It is clear that it is the polyphenols in fruit that deliver the benefit and not ORAC. This is why we use it as our measure.

Why did you create a Fruit Drink instead of a Green Drink?

Of course you’ve heard about green drinks too. We certainly agree that they’re healthy and convenient.

However, green vegetables are already naturally low in sugar. You won’t turn into the Goodyear Blimp from eating them like you might with fruit.

So if you must choose between a vegetables powder and RealReds, err on the side of RealReds, because otherwise you’ll be beating yourself up by eating too much high-carb fruit.

“Couldn’t lose weight despite fewer calories, till I found RealReds...”

I’ve been taking RealReds for 2 months and I’ve noticed my skin has benefired from the same nutrition that I would’ve taken from actual fruits. However, in the case of RealReds I didn’t have to consume all the carbs that came along with eaing that much fruit. Prior to RealReds, I would make a fruit smoothie everyday from real fruits, but I noticed that my weight would not go down despite me cutting down in calories. I didn’t realize that fruit has carbs and some have a lot.

After taking RealReds, I still continue to benefit from the nutrition and vitamins but left out the carbs that made weight loss difficult. I’m a firm believer in RealReds and will continue to use this to meet my health goals.

- Jeff Woo, Temple City, CA

How RealReds® Saves You Money

Let’s face it, organic fruits (the only kind I trust) are expensive.

Even worse, red and purple berries are more expensive than other fruits.

Six servings of the right combination of fruits can easily cost you over $3.00 a day if you don’t eat organic (which I don’t recommend).

And if you go healthy and choose organic it can cost you over $6.00 a day to get six servings of these important red and purple fruits.

And don’t forget, your cost will likely be higher since you’ll probably wind up throwing away spoiled fruit once in a while.

Plus, the health benefits of both fruits and vegetables quickly diminish once they’re off the vine.

Because every ingredient in RealReds™ is low-temperature dried and carefully dried, it is actually “fresher” than any fruit you will find unless it is literally right off the vine.

The good news is the cost of RealReds™ can be as little as $1.82 a day.

This is less than a cup of coffee.

And remember… you are getting fruit extracts with clinically proven benefits that you simply won’t find in any fruit you might find at the market.

Who Am I?

My name is Dr. Steven Sisskind. I earned my M.D. from Baylor College of Medicine and my Master’s degree in manufacturing engineering from UCLA. In addition to my work as a medical doctor, I’ve worked with the U.S. Congress’ Office of Technology Assessment performing research on health care, medical technology, and drug-related issues.

Having grown up as a chubby child, my top-of-mind efforts as a doctor are focused on helping people get a handle on their weight and health issues, which often become entangled.

My medical investigation has led me to herbs, nutrients, and antioxidants that help provide the amazing health benefits most people seek, but often aren’t sure how to find.

I’m also the father of four beautiful kids that keep me busy!

The Taste is even more amazing
When you consider what is not in RealReds™

We didn’t “cheat” when we formulated RealReds™. There’s no artificial sweeteners or added sugar. RealReds™ also has no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, gluten, dairy, nuts, shellfish, or soy.

And of course RealReds™ does not contain any genetically modified organisms. Details like these are a big deal to me and I think you’ll agree that your good health is worth it.

Tastes Delicious
Even Your Kids Will
Love RealReds™

One aspect of RealReds™ you need to know about is just how great it tastes. Just mix with water and it becomes an amazing treat.

Whenever I get a sweet tooth, I just mix some RealReds™ with water, add ice and I have myself a “guilt-free desert.”

Makes a Delicious Frozen Treat

My kids also love RealReds™. They think they‘re “getting away with something” whenever we let them have a RealReds™ popsicle... while my wife Melanie and I smile knowing they’re getting multiple servings of the right fruits and virtually no sugar!

Tastes “Mouth Watering” in shakes and smoothies!

We love to mix RealReds™ into our protein shakes. And when you mix it with RealMeal GF™ and ice it’s simply heavenly.

The RealDose Promise

Every product we offer must first become RealDose “Certified” by undergoing a rigorous development and manufacturing process.

  • Scientific review of human studies to select “The Right Ingredient at the Real Dose.”
  • Physician review of every ingredient.
  • Sourcing of each ingredient from approved growers and suppliers.
  • Third party testing to confirm the identity, purity and potency of each ingredient.

Our products are manufactured in the USA in our FDA-inspected facilities that strictly comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

As an extra standard of excellence, all our products must pass the "Mom Test". If we wouldn't offer it to our Moms, we won't offer it to you

And a No-Risk 365-Day Guarantee...

If any of our products don't give you results for any reason, we don't want you to pay for them. Simply send back the product (even empty bottles) and receive a full refund... no hassles. We realize not everything works for everybody. And we are one of the only companies that gives you a full year to experience results... no rushing.

"RealDose is not only impressive, but already changing the industry"

"I have been around the nutritional supplement industry for 23 years, and rarely if ever have I seen a company that pays as much attention to the science. RealDose's commitment to the right ingredients at the real dose is not only impressive, but already changing the industry."

- Dr. Jonny Bowden PhD, C.N.S

So try RealReds today. Take it for your own personal test drive.
If you don’t care for it or if you feel it doesn’t work for you, you can return it
– with NO hassles and NO questions asked.

Excellent flavor every morning in my shake”

I’ve been using the RealReds for about 3 weeks and I love it. I put a tablespoon with my RealMeal shake in the mornings and it’s awesome. It has an excellent flavor and I’m getting my fruits & vegetables all in one. I’m so pleased with all the products that I’ve been using & they have become a part of the daily routine. This is my lifestyle change and RealDose products have made it easy to not only lose but maintain my weight.

- Jana Bramlett, Halton City, TX

All you need to do is choose how much of a discount you want... by selecting
whether you want a one, three, or six-month supply.

Whichever you chose, you get one whole YEAR...

365 days...

To try out RealReds for yourself...

And see how well it works for you.

And if you do decide it’s not for YOU... just give us a call and we’ll promptly and
courteously refund everything you paid (minus shipping)

"My nails have become much stronger"

"The RealReds are great. I'm finally getting the servings of fruit I should! It is easy to add to my RealMeal shakes. Usually during the winter my fingernails are extremely brittle and break for no reason, but since I've been using RealReds 3 or 4 times a week, my nails have become much stronger."

- Stephanie Gallagher, Black Hawk, SD


"Delicious. It's quick and easy to use and is great along with RealMeal as a smoothie!!"

- Lucy Starrett, Eau Claire, WI

"It gives me the ‘boost’ i need!!"

"RealReds is excellent and it tastes great in just filtered water. I am 73 years old and the RealReds product really helps to clear up my sinus stuffed nasal cavities and my usual morning headaches. It gives me the "boost" I need!!"

- Robert Hope, Garden Grove, CA

"Absolutely Wonderfull!!"

"Absolutely wonderful!! Best thing for me is the knowledge that I'm getting a full daily dose of fruit when I take it."

- Heather Thrower, Fairmont, WV


Ingredient Label:

Frequently Asked Questions: RealReds™

What is RealReds™?

RealReds is a key player in the RealDose® family of nutritional supplements. It brings you a blend of superstar fruits and berries. Just 1 serving offers the health benefits of a concentrated amount of phytonutrients and polyphenols — equivalent to 6 servings of fruit.

It comes in powdered form and mixes with water to offer — true to the RealDose promise — the right amounts of key phytonutrients. Every fruit was selected because of its nutritional profile ... profiles backed by scientific research and nutritional studies.

It provides all this without the sugar and the insulin spike associated with consuming too many whole fruits and berries.

What ingredients are in RealReds?

RealReds features a lineup of superfruits with naturally occurring phytonutrients and polyphenols: apples, blood oranges, blueberries, camu camu, Aronia chokeberries, grapes, noni, pomegranates and strawberries. It also includes organic blue agave powder, a source of natural inulin, which promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

Just as important as what's in RealReds is what's not in it. RealReds is free of milk and milk products, eggs, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, soy and wheat. It contains NO gluten, NO ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and NO artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors or flavors.

How is this new formula different from its predecessor?

RealReds has been reformulated with 3 goals in mind: to boost the phytonutrient content, reduce the sugar content and enhance the flavor. Each 1-tablespoon serving delivers even more protective plant polyphenols (equivalent to 6 servings of fruits) and includes more standardized fruit extracts in amounts backed by clinical research. Each serving contains less than 1 gram of sugar and includes an excellent source of fiber to help you meet your daily needs. And the berry flavor is earning high marks, making the new RealReds a delicious way to boost your phytonutrient and fiber intake.

How many calories does RealReds have? Like fruit, is it a good source of fiber?

For calorie counters, this is really good news: just 30 calories per serving. That's far fewer than the 360 or so calories you'd get with 6 servings of fruit.

And yes, it's a great source of fiber, providing 6 grams (24% of the daily value) in just 1 serving.

What phytonutrients does RealReds provide?

The list is long. Each fruit and berry in RealReds brings a unique phytonutrient profile to the end product. The result is a powdered fruit and berry blend that provides a wide variety of bioactive plant phytonutrients and polyphenols, including flavonoids, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins and hydroxycinnamic acids.

What does the science say about this product?

Clinical studies on the various ingredients in RealReds link them to a wide range of benefits, such as helping to promote a healthy inflammatory response, reduce the signs of premature aging and combat the oxidative stress that can occur with excess exposure to pollution, with intense exercise or with diabetes.

What is the source of the fruits and berries?

We've scoured 3 continents — Europe, South America and North America — for the best sources of all the fruits and berries in RealReds. Our apples come from North America; our blood oranges from Sicily; our blueberries from Alaska. We acquire our grapes and pomegranates from California and our strawberries from other U.S. sources. Our Aronia chokecherries, meanwhile, come from Poland.

The fruits are harvested and carefully dried using state-of-the-art technology and processes that preserve their nutritional integrity.

Where is the product manufactured?

RealReds is manufactured in the USA in FDA-inspected facilities that strictly comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

How do I use RealReds?

That's where creativity comes in. You can mix a single tablespoon of RealReds with water and get a delicious treat. Or you can mix it with RealMeal GF™ to make a high-protein shake or smoothie. Some of our customers use it with yogurt and add their favorite ingredients.

It's a great resource for busy people who can't always take the time to prepare fresh fruits or berries.

RealReds also makes a great traveling companion. When you need a quick, healthy snack, but can't bear the offerings from a vending machine or fast-food outlet, RealReds is at your disposal.

Is this product safe for children?

Healthy children over the age of 6 years may supplement with RealReds.

The recommended serving size for children is smaller than that for adults because of the fiber content. For adults, the serving size is 1 tablespoon, which provides 6 grams of fiber (an amount similar to a serving of high-fiber food).

For children, 6-12 years, the recommended daily intake is 1 teaspoon, which provides 2 grams of dietary fiber. Do not exceed 1 teaspoon per day.

For children over 12 years of age, the recommended daily intake is 1-3 teaspoons, as tolerated, which provides 2 to 6 grams of fiber. Do not exceed 3 teaspoons per day. Adding too much fiber too fast can cause stomach upset, so start slowly and increase as tolerated.

Is this product safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers?

As with any nutritional supplement, pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult with their physician or other licensed healthcare professional before incorporating RealReds into their diet.

Is this product safe to use with medications?

As with all dietary supplements, we recommend that you consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional prior to use if you are taking any medications.

Is this product tested for purity?

Yes. As with all RealDose® supplements, this product is third-party tested for purity.

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Gary B.

Great Products, Fast Shipping

RealReds are working even better after cleansing with the Ultimate Digestion Health 30-Day System.

Ian W.

Real Reds for Real Men

Sorry, couldn't resist the title, but on a serious note, I think this is a great addition to an already good product list - still love the tea and cleanser - would be nice if you added a seriously strong probiotic