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How Not To Gain Fat While Traveling

As you probably have experienced, losing fat while traveling is virtually impossible.

For that matter, just not taking a step back and gaining weight is quite an achievement!

I will admit that in the past, I have almost always gained at least a pound or two when traveling...

And it was really frustrating.

However, after discussing this issue with a personal trainer friend and doing some of my own research, I have actually been able to travel without putting on any extra weight.

Below is my “Secret Plan” for Staying Thin While Traveling

1. Pack Healthy Foods for the Plane or Car Ride.

Finding healthy foods at an airport or on a plane is very difficult. And when driving, it is hard to find healthy options on the road.

I used to be concerned about bring food to the airport, but I found out that you can definitely get through security if you follow these rules.

*No liquids or gels… so don’t pre-make any protein shakes.

* You can bring vegetables like carrots or celery… just make sure they are sealed. You can also bring an apple unpeeled.

* You can also prepare a healthy sandwich sealed in a baggie and bring a bag of nuts (unopened).

2. Pack Protein Powder, Flax Seed, And A Small Blender if You are Checking Baggage for Longer Trips.

I like to take pure whey protein, flax seed, and my personal blender (it takes very little space).

This way I can make my favorite smoothies in my room.

3. Try to Get a Hotel With a Refrigerator

This way you can store healthy foods in your room without worrying about storage.

4. Research Where The Closest Grocery Store Is

It is very easy these days to figure out where the closest grocery store is to your hotel. After you check-in go to the store first thing and buy healthy foods for your trip.

If you want to find a health food store, this site is pretty helpful:

5. Scope Out Healthy Restaurants BEFORE You Leave

It is also easy to find healthy restaurants in your area before you leave home. Yelp is great for this, and you can also call ahead to your hotel.

Then when you make plans (let’s say it is a business trip), you can meet at these restaurants with the healthy choices.

6. Make Sure to Get a Hotel With A Gym

Often overlooked, just make sure that the hotel has a place to work out. If they don’t, make sure you have a place to take a quick jog, or have a workout you can do in your room.

7. Get Some Sleep!

As I have mentioned repeatedly, getting a good night’s sleep is essential to losing weight. If you have a hard time settling in, bring some melatonin.

I find it also helps to ask the hotel beforehand to have a fan in the room. This background noise can be a huge help. If you are going to be in an area where it will be loud, like downtown New York, it can help to bring some ear plugs.